We've Updated Our Site, Here is What's New!

*A simpler way to select meals each week! Instead of choosing the # of meals and serving size first, you can now purchase by meal. Just select each meal that you’d like and add it to your cart. This means that you can now order multiple meals with different serving sizes with ease! Want the chicken dish to serve 4 people but the tuna dish to only serve 2? No problem!

*Delivery/Pickup can now be selected right at checkout! No need to choose which service you’d like for every item you add to your cart. Just pick the desired option from the drop down menu on the shipping page. Just don’t forget to add your physical address in the shipping section if choosing delivery!

*Flat rate meal pricing. Instead of making the first meal you purchase more expensive, we evened things out and gave each meal the same price. This slight price adjustment will allow us to upgrade our cooler bags to some really awesome reusable insulated totes! These are in the works and we’ll roll them out to you ASAP!

*The introduction of our Loyalty Card! Are you a frequent customer? Do you want to save a few bucks? Now you can purchase 20 meals at once at a discounted price! Purchasing 20 meals for 2 people saves $25, and purchasing 20 meals for 4 people saves $50! Check out the Meal Options Tab for more info!