Is this a subscription service?  I want to try without committing to a subscription.
Nope, no subscription service here!  You get to choose which meals you want at the pace you want.  If you are like us, you don't want to be charged for forgetting to skip a week of meals because you committed to a subscription.  We believe that our recipes and the quality of ingredients will keep you coming back each week!

What is included in my meal kit?
We include all of the ingredients to cook your meal, conveniently pre-portioned into the exact amounts needed.  We just ask that you have salt & pepper, oil, and butter on hand.  If a recipe calls for butter, we will note the amount on the recipe description so that you can make sure you are covered before you place your order!
In addition to the ingredients, you will also receive a recipe card for each of the meals ordered, as well as a copy of your invoice.
All meals are delivered in our reusable cooler bags with ice packs to keep things cold.  

Can I order different meals with different serving sizes?
Yes!  Do you have a bunch of meat eaters on your hand, but only a couple that like seafood?  We allow for size customization on each meal, so you can order a chicken dish to serve 4 people, and a shrimp dish to serve 2.  This is also great when you want to gift a meal to another family, or have guests for a dinner party one night of the week!

What are the portion sizes like in each meal kit?
Our meal kits were designed to fill you up!  Serving sizes are generous, adult-sized portions with most meat servings generally ranging between 1/3-1/2 lb per person.  We have heard lots of feedback that our meal kits are typically larger servings than similar companies you may have tried back in the States.  When our recipes are developed, a meal for two feeds 2 adults, a 5 and 6 year old!

What if I have an odd number of people to feed?
Our meal kits come in 2, 4, and 6 person adult serving sizes.  If you have a child or light eater in your group of 3, you should be fine to order a meal with 2 servings.  If you'd like to be on the safe side, order a meal kit to serve 4 people and eat the leftovers for lunch the next day!

Where do you get your ingredients?
Our fruits and veggies are sourced directly from local farmer's markets on island based on what is in season and available during the particular time of year.  We work with local grocery stores, butchers, and fish markets to procure the meats and seafood used in each meal kit.  While we do our best to ensure the availability  of all ingredients, sometimes events such as weather and holidays can affect our orders.  In the case that an ingredient becomes unavailable, we will substitute it with as close of a replacement as possible!

When do I need to place my order?
Orders need to be placed online by midnight each Thursday for the following week's meals.  These orders will then be ready for pickup/delivery on that next Tuesday.

What are the options for pickup/delivery?
Meal kits are ready every Tuesday.  We have three options for free pickup:  11-11:30 am at the Popeye's parking lot on Camp Foster, 12-12:30 pm at the USO parking lot on Kadena AB, and 4-6 pm off-base in Takahara, Okinawa City.  If you are not available to pick up your order, you can choose delivery at checkout for a flat $10 fee.  We deliver to most places on island, both on and off base, with a delivery radius of 20 km from Okinawa City.  Deliveries are made between 10:30 am-1:30 pm, depending on location.  

What if I will not be home during the scheduled delivery window?
We want to make delivery low stress for you!  If you will not be home, we have a few options.  You can choose to deliver your meals to your office or a neighbor's house.  Please just be sure to input this address at checkout OR shoot us a message to confirm the change of location.  You can also place a cooler outside of your door, out of direct sunlight, with frozen ice packs inside.  We will leave your meals safely inside!  Don't have a cooler?  We have had customers leave us a key so that we can securely store your meals directly in your fridge!  (Don't worry, you can trust us!).

I placed my order, now what?
You will receive an order confirmation via email.  This email will have further details  regarding pickup/delivery, as well as contact information in case you need to get a hold of us.  On the Tuesday morning that your order is ready, we will send out another email to confirm that your order is ready for pickup or out for delivery.  

What do I do with the cooler bag and ice packs?
We respectfully request that you return your bags and ice packs each week when you receive your next week of meals.  The cost for these adds up quickly, and reusing them ensures that we do not need to increase the cost of our meal kits.  We know that they are pretty awesome, so if you are interested in purchasing a bag to keep, please reach out to us!

What are you doing to ensure safety and cleanliness in the COVID era?
We take food safety very seriously!  We have a Serv Safe Certification, and follow best practices when it comes to food storage and handling.  Gloves and face masks are worn at all times, including when ingredients are measured and portioned, bags are packed, and meal kits are delivered.  Temperatures are checked before food handling and cooler bags and ice packs are disinfected after each use.

What if I have special dietary needs, restrictions, or allergies?
We do our best to label common allergens on each of our meal descriptions.  If you have a question about a specific ingredient, please send us a message to christina@thesettablemeals.com and we would be happy to give you the info that you need!
We use separate measuring utensils for each ingredient to minimize cross-contamination.  While some of our meals are allergen free, we do not use a separate facility to process these ingredients.  Great care is taken to prep and measure your ingredients, however we cannot guarantee an allergen free environment.

Do you offer vegetarian or vegan meals?
We try to offer a range of meals and protein options each week.  Typically we will have at least 3 meals that have meat or seafood.  Some weeks we will include a vegetarian or vegan meal, and that will be noted in the meal description! 

How long will my meal kits stay fresh?
Most of our kits should stay fresh for 4-5 days. We recommend eating meals that contain seafood, baked goods, and fresh herbs earlier in the week.