The Set Table Favorites Cookbook is now available!


Family Dinners, Made Easy

How Does it work?

Our meal kits are perfect for those who are:

new to cooking and overwhelmed with the amount of recipes and ingredients in the market

in a food rut, cooking the same things for dinner week in and week out

so busy with work and family that you often don't have time to plan recipes, let alone shop for fresh ingredients multiple times per week

tired of having food spoil because you have to buy large quantities of an item when you only require a small amount for a recipe

into the idea of "eating local", but usually just stick to shopping at the commissary out of convenience

"The ingredients were so fresh & tasty, the recipe was easy to follow, and the end product was beyond delicious!"

-Mandee D.

"I love that my family gets to enjoy new meals that we wouldn't think to try otherwise and that we can make them over and over again with the recipe cards we receive. The packaging is superb and the quality of ingredients is top notch."

-Pamela P.

"Amazing. You just have to try it. We are a dual active duty couple with 2 small children and the dinners for 2 easily feed us all."

-Courtney L.

Why The Set Table?

Treat someone special!

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