About Us

Thanks for stopping by The Set Table! Established in Okinawa, Japan in early 2014, The Set Table strives to share local provisions and the joy of cooking with the community. After closing up shop in 2017, we are so happy to have returned to this beautiful island for another tour!  

Our goal is to introduce new flavors and techniques to our customers in each of our weekly meal kits. All Cook-It-Yourself kits include a full recipe, plus all of the ingredients conveniently pre-measured and ready to go! We know that life is busy, and by taking care of the meal planning and shopping ourselves, we allow you to spend your valuable time honing your skills in the kitchen. All you need to have on hand is salt & pepper, olive oil/butter and some basic kitchen gear and you are on your way to mastering the art of the weeknight dinner!  

Our meal kits are perfect for those who:

  • are new to cooking and overwhelmed with the amount of recipes and ingredients in the market
  • are in a food rut, cooking the same things for dinner week in and week out
  • are so busy with work and family that you often don't have time to plan recipes, let alone shop for fresh ingredients multiple times per week
  • are tired of having food spoil because you have to buy large quantities of an item when you only require a small amount for a recipe
  • like the idea of "eating local", but usually just stick to shopping at the commissary out of convenience

We value your feedback and invite any questions you may have!  Please feel free to contact us at christina@thesettablemeals.com. 

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